• Research

    Evaluating the use of hygroscopic salts to increase food safety earned Umayr Sufi and his lab the top prize in a University of California wide competition – read more in The Blog.

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    Check out our new research – visit the Bio & Ag Engineering page on research.umayrsufi.com

  • Representing UC Davis

    Compassion is the wellspring of our discoveries at UC Davis. Umayr encourages new UC Davis students to pursue their passions with the community in mind, in a new feature for UC Davis admissions. Check out The Blog

  • The Blog

    Check out “The Blog” for our thoughts on various topics!

  • Viruses

    Continuing our SIS series, we explore why viruses are good. Check out the blog.

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From Our Blog

  • New2UCDavis : From Lecture to Life

    Welcome to UC Davis. Let's explore taking your lectures into life experiences with Professor Charles W. Bamforth, PhD.

  • New2UCDavis : A Journey through S.T.E.M

    Welcome to UC Davis. Lets take a journey through succeeding in S.T.E.M with Chancellor Emerita Linda Katehi, PhD.

  • New2UCDavis : Balance

    Welcome to UC Davis. Lets explore why you can find balance at this institution with Professor Tobias Warner, PhD.

  • In the news: Representing UC Davis

    UC Davis undergraute student Umayr Sufi is featured in the admissions brochure and university website. These features were done in order to highlight his passion for research and helping others - and is aimed at new students entering UC Davis.

  • New2UCDavis : Utilizing what you study

    Here at UC Davis learning is not restricted to just a classroom. Find out how you can use what you study to impact your community.

  • New2UCDavis : Finding your passion

    Welcome to UC Davis. Here is one way to find your passion at this elite institution with Professor Bruce W. Draper, PhD.

  • In the news : Harvard National Collegiate Research Conference

    UC Davis undergraduate student Umayr Sufi won an invitation to the prestigious National Collegiate Research Conference, whose mission is building an interdisciplinary research community among undergraduate students, and promoting undergraduate research.

  • Dear America, this hurts.

    All I can say is, this hurts America.

  • In the news: UC World Food Challenge

    Evaluating the use of hygroscopic salts to store and keep produce safe and fresh earned Umayr Sufi and his lab at UC Davis an award from the UC wide World Food Center challenge.

  • I <3 Viruses

    In the "science is seren'diptous" series, we continue to look at the amazing systems in the world of biology. We go into viruses this time, exploring how they aren't all bad, and can actually help a human survive.