New2UCDavis : From Lecture to Life

Welcome to UC Davis. Let’s explore taking your lectures into life experiences with Professor Charles W. Bamforth, PhD.

New2UCDavis : Balance

Welcome to UC Davis. Lets explore why you can find balance at this institution with Professor Tobias Warner, PhD.

In the news : Harvard National Collegiate Research Conference

UC Davis undergraduate student Umayr Sufi won an invitation to the prestigious National Collegiate Research Conference, whose mission is building an interdisciplinary research community among undergraduate students, and promoting undergraduate research.

We want you!

Are you interested in writing for umayrsufi.com? Express your opinion, thoughts, and musings in a calm, real, and youth driven setting. We also are looking for volunteers to coordinate social projects throughout the world. Interested? […]

Project Beneficence

The United States commonly referred to as the richest country in the world. So why is there a 14.3 percent poverty rate? Help us help the needy this holiday season. Participate in our virtual food drive for the Alameda County Food Bank! Buy food items for half the retail price, or just donate money. It’s fun, cool, and tax deductible. Welcome to Project Beneficence.

A focus on MSA at umayrsufi.com

Assaalamwalkium and Hello, umayrsufi.com is unveiling it’s first project! We will be organizing a Tri-Valley MSA Summit to better and bring together the tri-valley Muslim Student Associations. This event is planned for December 1st 2010 at the MCC East Bay community center. The theme for this event is REFLECTIONS, an appropriate theme as we as […]

Drum Major Day!

Today is Drum Major Day! For those [….]

Why should you care about Politics?

Politics, a issue that most of us young-lings pay no heed to. We say “well it does not affect us” “I don’t really care”, and the oh so ever “well duh, if (Insert candidates name here) wins, everything will be alright.” This is a grave mistake that the youth of today (and frankly EVERYONE) is making. Like it or not, the way this country we live in works, lives and dies on politics. The decisions our [….]