2010 September

Is Facebook Harram (forbidden) or Halal (allowed) for Muslims?

Many of us Muslims have contemplated on this subject for a very long time. Ever since the debut of Facebook, some Muslims have condemned it with the highest sin. Other Muslims say it is acceptable. So what is it? We take a look with the Ulema (learned Islamic Scholars in the way of law and […]


What can Muslims do against this wave of hate that has been impacting them since September 11th 2001?

The answer is simply […..]

Why should you care about Politics?

Politics, a issue that most of us young-lings pay no heed to. We say “well it does not affect us” “I don’t really care”, and the oh so ever “well duh, if (Insert candidates name here) wins, everything will be alright.” This is a grave mistake that the youth of today (and frankly EVERYONE) is making. Like it or not, the way this country we live in works, lives and dies on politics. The decisions our [….]


As-saalamwalkaium everyone,

Peace be with you all.

Welcome to the first post of the new website www.umayrsufi.com

This website was created by me in order to promote my and my friends ideas about justice, peace, leadership, and much more. You can find this website to be a place of calm, scholarly work, and something you don’t see every day; a teenager writing about “grown-up issues”. This is not just some [….]