SIS : The beginning



We’d like to introduce you to SIS, a series on science that we will be doing. In the age of wordplay, SIS stands for “science is..-> something that starts with an s”… okay we didn’t really think this through but SI (science is..) was the original name of the series, but lawsuits from sports illustrated or comparison to the international system of units was not worth the name. Those of you who are more on the Star Wars side of things may even relate SIS to a special intelligence agency within that realm of fiction. We would be spending countless hours coming up with a name for this series rather than writing anything for it, so SIS is going to stick for.. a while.

Science is an incredible tool in the human arsenal for the pursuit of knowledge. It helps us understand ourselves and a great number of things in our universe. The advancement of our knowledge thanks to science is one of the reasons humans live longer than in the past. Today, we are using the tool of science to study our bodies and world in-depth. We want to look at the tiniest fragments, and piece them together to create a big picture of how our bodies and in greater sense, the world works.

The focus of this series will mainly be cellular/molecular biology since that is what this author is majoring in, but interesting bits from the world of science will always be considered.

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Share your comments and thoughts as well and try your luck at wordplay by giving an ending to SIS i.e, “Science is s____” (yeah we know some of you may use : stupid, scary, shi**y, slutty, or anything else of that nature — that’s ok we know you love it anyways).

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