Dear America, this hurts.

I know what happened on Tuesday November 8th 2016. I acknowledge the fact that middle America was a key pivotal factor that all most everyone missed. I know that sentiment towards the “establishment” was hostile. I know that the aging jobs of manufacturing, fossil fuel, and industry were being sorely missed, and wanted back. I know all of these things now, lets move past that. We can and will debate those policies in our democracy. I’m looking forward to that.

Let’s clear up one thing first.

Here is one thing that I keep seeing : “..should stop calling Trump racist, sexist, Islamophobic” “…we aren’t bigots or racists or sexist for voting Trump”

Here is my response to that : “Nope.”

Your vote, whomever it should be for, or was for – is a direct connection and endorsement of what that person has done and said. Your vote means that you endorse the candidates vision for the coming future. You cannot tie your vote to “voting against the establishment only” or some other singular issue. People who voted for Mr. Trump, maybe there is one thing you missed – that hurt many of your fellow Americans.

Why did it hurt? I won’t waste my time with facts, they seem to matter little to some these days. You knew what he has said during the campaign. You knew what policies he proposed that exclude communities while promoting others. You knew the divisive rhetoric he won the primaries, and then the election with. You knew the comments he made about genders, disabilities, and religions of certain groups or individuals. You knew all of that, and yet you endorsed it all – with your ballot.

You knew that it would hurt. But you did it anyways.

You have this line that you keep pulling out : “Saying it is one thing, doing it is another”. You see it does not work that way. What you say really matters — people expect something out of what you say. You are judged on what you SAY and do.

None of us know the future. We don’t know if the Trump we saw during the campaign will be the Trump we will see in our White House. But if he is, and he continues to stand by what he has said, or try to implement what he has said he will implement – I will call him out. I will call him out everyday.

I will call you out.

Today we hurt. Tomorrow we act.


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