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In the pursuit of knowledge I found my self at an interesting point in my educational career. Starting out as a general interest in Biology, I found my self attuned to the specific joys of Molecular Biology, Green Chemistry, and now Biological Engineering. It was not a case of going from one to the next, but using areas of all three to explore and participate in research. I was really looking for a chance to truly understand what it means to be “inter-disciplinary” – a new word among the American educational system it seems.

Then came Harvard.


On the weekend of January 19th 2017, I won an invitation to the Harvard University National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) – whose very mission is to promote and build a community of undergraduate researches who can cross disciplines (i.e. interdisciplinary) and work together to solve problems. Selecting fewer that 200 undergraduates across the United States, I was very honored to be accepted into the conference and see many others amazing research.

At the conference, undergraduates presented their research in the form of posters and speeches to their fellow undergraduates and Harvard faculty. In addition to presentation, the conference was a place to network and gain knowledge from renowned Harvard researchers and luminaries (check out the NCRC page above to see them). I was there to present my research on hygroscopic salts and produce drying.

A view of the many posters



Provided by Harvard Undergraduate Research Association

Provided by Harvard Undergraduate Research Association


This conference gave me a wonderful experience to interact with high caliber researchers from various fields. You get to see how your research could connect with another undergraduates and perhaps even exchange information to set up future work! (I’m looking at all those International Relations majors I met!)

To anyone who is reading this and wants to attend a conference? Honestly just look and apply! I found out about this conference simply by reading an article from the Harvard Crimson (yeah I subscribe!).


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