In the news: Representing UC Davis

In the pursuit of knowledge I find one concept extremely important to science, research, and leadership – giving back.

All of the research I have done, and am going to do has one main component to it – how can it impact and benefit society?

Here at UC Davis, the research I have been involved with, and the education I have received has promoted and included that point in a major way. The faculty make a concerted effort to teach their students the value of responsibility to ones community, and to the world. When I meet faculty and ask about their labs, a primary goal of how their research gets back to the community is a vital part of how their lab works.

In light of what IĀ have contributedĀ as an undergraduate at UC Davis, the University has been generous enough to allow me to represent it to students, new and current, and the world. It is through this representation that I wish to tell others how this university values compassion, research, and the world community it serves.

Take a look,

New student admissions brochure:

Featured with my lab partner Carlos Orozco in the admissions brochure.


On the UC Davis website –


It is truly an honor to represent UC Davis in such a way. Pursuing your passion is a rewarding venture – you have fun, feel good, and learn to love to share it with others so that they too may be inspired.

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