My passion is service. My method is knowledge.

Umayr Sufi is currently an advisor at Microsoft. Umayr’s passion is founded upon service to others and knowledge. He began serving others by volunteering at a young age with various organizations in California. Before entering high school, Umayr sought to spend his time volunteering at the Islamic Center of Livermore, Open Heart Kitchen, and Interfaith back-pack project. During High school, Umayr founded the Granada High School Muslim Student Association – and with it, brought his passion of service and knowledge to others around his campus and community. During his years in High School, Umayr received many accolades including the Princeton University Certificate award for Race Relations, the California Teachers Association Peace & Justice Youth Activist award, the AP Scholar award, the John Phillip Sousa Band Award, and the 2009 NCBA Military Majors champion award. Umayr served as the 2013-2014 Vice President for the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society at Las Positas College. At the University of California, Umayr earned his B.S in Biotechnology (emphasis on Biochemistry and Engineering) and will pursue a Ph.D in Bioinformatics. With this he plans to help solve critical problems in the Bioworld, and help advance the betterment of humanity.


Why the “Scholar / Gentleman ”

Behind every persons success there is one who helped shape that success. Dexter Frye was a teacher of global history and European history at Granada High School. His method of dealing with his literature, students, and life – was an inspiration to many, including me. I will always remember the many intellectual and deep conversations he had with me, and those conversations will always be valued and cherished. Mr. Frye continually called me a “scholar and a gentleman” as time went by in my school years. Although I am not deserving of such a title, I will forever keep it. This website is dedicated to Dexter Fryes mission of getting students to open their mind and critically analyze the world around them. My life’s work will be to always open my mind, think critically, and solve problems for the betterment of others.

Cheers to the hunter, owner of PC and Mac,  the original Steve Jobs, dropper of the pen, keeper of the prism, giver of the wave,  lover of Nature Valley bars/Dark chocolate, political savviest, and Philosopher king.

Thank you Mr. Frye. We will always miss you.