New2UCDavis : Balance

Welcome to UC Davis. Lets explore why you can find balance at this institution with Professor Tobias Warner, PhD.

New2UCDavis : Utilizing what you study

Here at UC Davis learning is not restricted to just a classroom. Find out how you can use what you study to impact your community.

In the news: UC World Food Challenge

Evaluating the use of hygroscopic salts to store and keep produce safe and fresh earned Umayr Sufi and his lab at UC Davis an award from the UC wide World Food Center challenge.

I <3 Viruses

In the “science is seren’diptous” series, we continue to look at the amazing systems in the world of biology. We go into viruses this time, exploring how they aren’t all bad, and can actually help a human survive.

The “good” part of cannabis

Is cannabis really bad? We explore properties that make it something good for our health.

Profit or Pleasure?

Should you consider profit vs non-profit in the science industry? We take a look at why you should.

Furan fun : “water on”

On the pursuit of knowledge.. we find our selves in yet another green chemistry concept : using water as a solvent instead of other organic solvents in reactions. Does water help? Is it better? How is it “green chemistry”? We explore this in our latest article in the “furan fun” series, a continuation of the SIS exploration.

Furan fun : holy microwave

On the pursuit of knowledge, Umayr Sufi posts an update to green chemistry research involving furan.

Furan fun – research at

On the pursuit of knowledge, reveals it’s current research work surrounding green chemistry.

SIS : The amazing bacteria : communication

Bacteria are essential to the earth, and to humans in particular. They do a lot of good things, but we tend to focus on the bad things they do to us. We ask – How do they do anything at all? Professor Bonnie L. Bassler from Princeton University explains, and we take a look.