New2UCDavis : Balance

Welcome to UC Davis. Lets explore why you can find balance at this institution with Professor Tobias Warner, PhD.

In the news: Representing UC Davis

UC Davis undergraute student Umayr Sufi is featured in the admissions brochure and university website. These features were done in order to highlight his passion for research and helping others – and is aimed at new students entering UC Davis.

New2UCDavis : Utilizing what you study

Here at UC Davis learning is not restricted to just a classroom. Find out how you can use what you study to impact your community.

In the news : Harvard National Collegiate Research Conference

UC Davis undergraduate student Umayr Sufi won an invitation to the prestigious National Collegiate Research Conference, whose mission is building an interdisciplinary research community among undergraduate students, and promoting undergraduate research.

The University behind Costco

Research ready : Transfer students shouldn’t have to wait to squeeze in research at the UC. Let’s empower California’s Community College system.


As-saalamwalkaium everyone,

Peace be with you all.

Welcome to the first post of the new website www.umayrsufi.com

This website was created by me in order to promote my and my friends ideas about justice, peace, leadership, and much more. You can find this website to be a place of calm, scholarly work, and something you don’t see every day; a teenager writing about “grown-up issues”. This is not just some [….]