New2UCDavis : Balance

Welcome to UC Davis. Lets explore why you can find balance at this institution with Professor Tobias Warner, PhD.

The “good” part of cannabis

Is cannabis really bad? We explore properties that make it something good for our health.

Serendipity continues.. at The Aggie

This fall serendipity continues… over at The Aggie!

Why should you care about Politics?

Politics, a issue that most of us young-lings pay no heed to. We say “well it does not affect us” “I don’t really care”, and the oh so ever “well duh, if (Insert candidates name here) wins, everything will be alright.” This is a grave mistake that the youth of today (and frankly EVERYONE) is making. Like it or not, the way this country we live in works, lives and dies on politics. The decisions our [….]