In the news : Harvard National Collegiate Research Conference

UC Davis undergraduate student Umayr Sufi won an invitation to the prestigious National Collegiate Research Conference, whose mission is building an interdisciplinary research community among undergraduate students, and promoting undergraduate research.

In the news: UC World Food Challenge

Evaluating the use of hygroscopic salts to store and keep produce safe and fresh earned Umayr Sufi and his lab at UC Davis an award from the UC wide World Food Center challenge.

Serendipity continues.. at The Aggie

This fall serendipity continues… over at The Aggie!

Furan fun – research at

On the pursuit of knowledge, reveals it’s current research work surrounding green chemistry.

uCloud : Open.Free.Unlimited

uCloud – a custom open, free, and unlimited cloud service. Check it out here.

SIS : The beginning takes a look into the world of molecular biology with the introduction of a series called SIS….

A sight for sore eyes

You have your eyesight, learn how those who don’t can see once again..


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Congrats Fiesta Participants!

See who earned the coveted trophy..

We want you!

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