2010 November

Project Beneficence

The United States commonly referred to as the richest country in the world. So why is there a 14.3 percent poverty rate? Help us help the needy this holiday season. Participate in our virtual food drive for the Alameda County Food Bank! Buy food items for half the retail price, or just donate money. It’s fun, cool, and tax deductible. Welcome to Project Beneficence.

Sufi Weekly: Headlines that aren’t.

Welcome to this weeks “Headlines that aren’t” Mel Gibson again? Front page on CNN? Yes we did [……]

Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak from the authors of umayrsufi.com Share your eid pictures with […..]

Give me sleep, or give me death

Need to do well on that Chemistry final, but can’t remember the formula to convert a mole to grams? Sleep on it. Are we depriving our selves of sleep at so many alarming rates that we might just drop dead? In an interview with […..]

Lets be real!

The Lets be real question is here! Tell us how higher education has shaped your political/social/and religious beliefs. We would love to hear what you think! Not a College student? No problem!

A focus on MSA at umayrsufi.com

Assaalamwalkium and Hello, umayrsufi.com is unveiling it’s first project! We will be organizing a Tri-Valley MSA Summit to better and bring together the tri-valley Muslim Student Associations. This event is planned for December 1st 2010 at the MCC East Bay community center. The theme for this event is REFLECTIONS, an appropriate theme as we as […]

Poll of polls

What did you think of this mid-term elections? We value your opinion in all the highest regards. Vote in our poll and leave a comment!

The 10:00 PM Voter guide

Yes, you thought we were going to miss it. Nope, we just do what every normal person does – wait till the last minute to find out whats up.
– So find out whats up, and check out our 10:00 PM Voting Guide. You are sure to […..]

Eboo Patel on Interfaith Dialogue

Shortly after the Park 51 “Ground Zero Mosque” issue, Executive Director of the Interfaith Youth Core and member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships Eboo Patel, spoke at Loyola for this year’s Convocation. Below is my response to his address in Loyola University’s newspaper, The Phoenix. As an extremely insignificant [……]