2012 March

On the Ground – Occupy Chicago

Have you ever been in an occupy movement? We have. Take an unbiased first hand look from one of our “On the Ground” contributors in the windy city of Chicago….

A sight for sore eyes

You have your eyesight, learn how those who don’t can see once again..

S.A.T the Super Academic Test?

It’s big, it’s bad, it’s SCARY AS EVER! It’s the SAT. Is this aptitude test really the deciding factor in College Admissions? We take a look at the significance of the Super Academic Test….


Your thoughts are valuable to the public discourse. Why not express them on an agenda free site?

Congrats Fiesta Participants!

See who earned the coveted umayrsufi.com trophy..

Viva Revolution

The internet is not the only force behind this revolution…