New2UCDavis : Utilizing what you study

“A blog series for newly admitted University of California students considering the Davis campus””

Did you know learning math could be really fun?

There is a common stereotype associated with math – it’s too hard, and boring to learn.

As a high school student, you may have experienced this in your math classroom. Learning by the literal book, only going over equations, and never learning how math is used in the real world. It can cause high school students such as your self to not achieve as much as they can, and feel nervous around math when in a University setting.

At UC Davis, that is NOT how we do things.

We are go-getters, problem solvers, and want to know how what we learn can be used in the world and in our everyday lives. That is why at UC Davis, we make subjects such as math FUN.

Introducing the C-STEM program.

This program focuses on students as well as teachers. Here at UC Davis, we believe that not only do you learn about your subject – but you need to learn how to integrate it into the wider society. You will learn how to conduct outreach in your major, and how it can be learned not only by text but by other interactions as well.

Your classroom is not literally just a classroom. It is labs, field work, working with younger kids, visiting high schools, visiting elementary schools, working in hospitals, and working with your fellow students. This journey you take through college is not one with just your self, its with your community – your UC Davis community! Your are not here to just study – you are here to utilize what you study.

Come learn with us, create with us, and become the best you can be – at UC Davis.

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